Next-generation GPS satellite inches closer to space, countdown begins to 2014

Kvetching about your PND’s inability to get a proper lock could soon become a thing of the past, thanks in large part to a fresh breed of GPS satellites designed by the whiz-kids at Lockheed Martin. The program — which is estimated to eventually cost around $5.5 billion to complete — is set to hit

16-Year-Old Programmer Raises Seed Round From Billionaire Li Ka Shing To ‘Summarize The Web’

Launching today on the App Store is a new application called Summly that, in short, attempts to summarize the Web. The app was formerly known as Trimit (which we covered back in July), before Founder (and 16-year-old programmer) Nick D’Aloisio raised a seed round from billionaire Hong Kong investor Li

Sony’s Music Unlimited cloud service comes to limited non-cloud Walkmans

Sony’s connected Music Unlimited offering is already available online, on gaming devices, on Android phones and tablets, so nice to see it’s finally available on its, you know, Walkman music players. In what feels somewhat like an afterthought, "compatible Walkman devices" (currently just the NWZ-E465)

Think Openspace Launching A Brick And Mortar App Store Is A Silly Idea? Think Again.

Yes, when you think of an "app store", you probably picture iTunes, the Android Marketplace, or even the Chrome Web App Store or GetJar. That’s because apps live in our browsers and on our mobile devices, right? Sort of. Robert Reich, the Co-founder and CEO of Openspace looks down the road and sees the

Turn Your Great Ideas Into Extraordinary Projects With Rock the Post

The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. If you would like to have your st…

Daily Wrap: Unseating a Twitter Squatter and More

Jon Mitchell gives you the skinny on how to liberate a squatter Twitter account. This and more in today’s Daily Wrap.

Sometimes it’s difficult to catch every story that hits tech media in a day, so we wrap up some of the most talked about stories. We give you a daily recap of what you missed in the

Spectral Layers takes a cue from Photoshop, offers visual audio editing

Seemingly cooked up in the Law and Order squad room comes Spectral Layers, a Photoshop-inspired audio editing software from Divide Frame. The visual tool allows users to isolate, enhance and chop sounds using multiple layers and channels — giving them complete control over individual voices, instruments

Chat Service Meebo Launches New Version Of Site Designed Around Competitive Sharing (!)

You probably know Meebo as a service that lets you easily chat with friends across different IM services, but the company is now rolling out a reimagined version designed around sharing. Think competitive sharing, like who can get the most traffic from their articles. It’s a big switch from the former

Google Buys a Virtual Assistant, But It’s a Far Cry From Siri

Android owners looking for a fully-integrated response to Apple’s Siri will have to wait a little longer.
Google announced on Tuesday tha…

Google Makes Street View Images Of Post-Tsunami Japan Available On Custom Site

In July, Google announced that it would be sending its Street View cars through the areas of Japan stricken by the March earthquake and tsunami. Today the work of stitching and annotating is finished and the data is available to be browsed like any other Street View location on a special website they’ve