Tucows launches Ting, a contract-free mobile service on Sprint’s network

Harken back to the days of Windows 95, and you may remember downloading a few shareware titles to your Compaq or Packard Bell courtesy of Tucows and its network of mirror sites. While the company is no longer of much relevance in the software arena, it’s recently launched a mobile service called Ting

8 Things You Should Know Before Building a Mobile App

App appeal is obvious. The barrier to entry? So low! The upshot of producing the next Angry Birds or beer-chug simulator? So high! Heck, with j…

Old Spice’s Terry Crews Crashes a Bounce Ad [VIDEO]

In the latest evolution of Old Spice‘s “what will they do next?” social media ad campaign, spokesman Terry Crews literally crashes…

Facebook Tests Photo Viewer That Encourages Comments, Google+ Comparisons

Facebook is testing a new photo viewer layout that mounts engagement buttons and comments to the right rather than beneath images. See, Facebook doesn’t want you to just view comments, it wants you to start a conversation. Apparently the company doesn’t care about being accused of copying Google+, since

New LED flash controller promises to give floodlight brightness at cell phone size

Still looking forward to a world where cell phone cameras don’t suck? So is STMicroelectronics, and it hopes to hurry along a photogenic future with the help of a new supercapacitor-powered integrated camera flash. STCF04, the outfit’s new integrated camera flash and torch controller, gives its LED flash

Nintendo brings Pokemon to Nintendo Zone Wi-Fi

If, like me, you have a Nintendo 3DS just collecting dust, there’s a new push to take your handheld device out into the world and gain access to exclusive content. There are 29,000 so-called “Nintendo Zone” locations throughout the US and Canada. These special hotspots give dedicated

Is LoMoing the New Tebowing? [PICS]

With Tim Tebow‘s NFL playoff run over and with Major League Baseball spring training starting this month, a new meme inspired by Miami Marlins o…

News Corp’s Times newspaper accused of computer hacking

Just when the world was beginning to forget about News Corp’s hacking scandals, a new investigation has been launched regarding the media giant’s UK newspaper the Times. The Metropolitan Police Service in England is looking into reports that a reporter may have hacked into e-mail accounts.

The Revolution May Or May Not Be Branded

The Occupy movement, or rallying cry, or whatever you want to call it, is by its nature decentralized. By refusing to come together under one banner other than the word "Occupy," they’ve both diluted their message and allowed it to spread more quickly. You don’t need an Occupy license to occupy a bank’s

Facebook IPO: How Will the Social Network Be Affected? [POLL]

Facebook‘s $5 billion IPO filing yesterday took the social media world by storm, but if you woke up today and logged into the social netwo…