Playdom Says Marvel Superheroes Are Super Viral (Among Men)

Social game-maker Playdom officially launched Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Thursday, and executive producer Chia Chin Lee says the title already disproving some of the common assumptions about social games.

The big assumption: that men don’t like to share their activity in social games the way that

Lytro: Shooting Matrix-Style ‘Bullet Time’ Video Isn’t Far Away

The Lytro camera, which launched this past Wednesday, takes photos that the user can refocus after the fact. It’s a cool trick — and…

Necessary Evil? Random House Triples Prices Of Library E-Books

Random House, the world’s largest publisher of the kinds of books you and I read, has made some adjustments to the way it sells e-books to libraries. Notably, they have tripled the price of many titles. Librarians across the country are expressing their discontent.

The changes were telegraphed by an

Google+ Makes Itself Look Silly with Hangout Cat Masks

It dismays me to report that Google+ is adding animal masks to Google+ Hangouts. Now, instead of just having conversations like normal people, you can pretend to be cats or dogs! Isn’t that cute and fun? No.

Why are you doing this to yourself, Google? Why did you add a LOLcat generator to the main stream?

Windows 8 makes desktop computing fun again

There’s no denying that switching from any other version of a Windows operating system to Microsoft’s new Windows 8 is a big jump in its user experience. What’s not quite as clear from the outset, if you’ve never used the operating system in person that is, is that this operating

ITC to review its decision on Microsoft, Motorola patent case

Remember back in December when the International Trade Commission ruled on a Microsoft complaint from 2010 that Motorola’s Android products infringed on seven of its patents, siding with Microsoft initially on one of them? Since that’s so hard to forget, it probably comes as no surprise to hear that

If 2011 Was The Year Of ‘Social’ For Google, 2012 Is The Year Of ‘Assistant.’

The tech world woke up today to reports of an imminent Apple TV, as Apple works to solidify deals with content providers. The rumored television product could indeed be ground-breaking, not just for television, but for computing as a whole. We’re hearing exactly what Nick Bilton reported earlier this

NASA admits to being hacked 13 times last year

Even high-tech NASA isn’t impervious to hackers. The space agency reported to Congress this week that it had been hacked a total of 13 times last year, including one China-based attack that gained complete access and control of mission critical systems as well as employee accounts. The revelation

SpeechJammer device mutes human speech

A device developed in Japan over the past year and revealed this week to the public has the ability to “jam” the words of a real human being. This device goes by the name of SpeechJammer and takes the words of a speaker, playing them back to the speaker with 0.2 seconds delay. This process

Nokia keeps it ‘amazing everyday’ in the US, gives Lumia 710 owners free colorful covers

If you’ve snagged one of those Mango-packing Lumia 710s but were quietly wishing to add some colorful spice to it, Nokia’s got something in the works for you. That’s if, you live in the States, and can bust out a mighty proof of purchase. Once those credentials are in order, you’ll need to head over