Blogger Exposes Scary Vulnerability in TSA Body Scanners [VIDEO]

A blogger has just posted a video that showcases what appears to be a major flaw in the Transportation Security Administration’s full-body air…

Futurama’s Bender wins Washington DC school board election in mock race

Fictional robot Bender, known as a goofy and aloof character in the animated series Futurama, has won a Washington DC election to determine the new head of the city’s public school board, thanks to a hack performed by a group of graduate students. By the way, it wasn’t too difficult to hack

Nokia Lumia 800 update reportedly triples battery life

Earlier this week in Refresh Roundup, we wrote of a Vodafone-branded update for the Lumia 800 with a designation of 1600.2487.8107.12070. Among the enhancements, the new software version was said to provide longer battery life — a welcome improvement, no doubt — but we could’ve never guessed the significance

9 Mobile Apps That Help You Find Cheap Gas

Gas may finally be leveling off from its nearly month-long rise, but you’re probably not reaping the benefits just yet.
While we wait for telep…

Pingram Founder: Why I Mashed Up Pinterest and Instagram

If you’re a fan of Instagram and Pinterest, then get ready to fall in love with Pingram. Modeled after Pinterest, the site allows you to…

Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors To Sponsor Hackathon In Downtown Palo Alto

In an effort to help support startups and technology house in Palo Alto, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s venture fund Innovation Endeavors is sponsoring its first hackathon in the city on March 31. The event, called the Super Happy Block Party Hackathon, will take place on March 31, from 1 pm to 1 am

Valve Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ditches cross-platform play says company

Valve has decided to axe the ability for PC and PS3 players to compete head-to-head in the upcoming game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, just weeks after it said the feature would be one of the defining parts of the game. The problem, according to the company, is that allowing cross-platform play would

Netflix-cable company talks reportedly already happening

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said he doesn’t want to compete with traditional cable companies; he wants to compete with HBO. Not unintentionally, HBO has also been a target of traditional cable companies (with the exception of Time Warner Cable, whose parent company owns HBO). So a partnership

The iPad HD: Is This How Apple Will Own the Living Room?

Put aside the rumors of streaming TV service or an Apple HDTV set. The company’s real play for the living room might be right under your…

Engadget HD Podcast 289 – 03.06.2012

We’re caught in the middle between Microsoft an Apple announcements this week, but we’ll try and make the best of it. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview has hit the streets and word is Media Center is present and accounted, so of course we have to take a look. Afterwards, we dig into the latest digital movie