Online Tools Reveals How Politicians Will Affect Your Wallet

Five different candidates for president means five very different economic plans. But whose would really benefit you?
You can find out with Politify…

Battlefield 3 game update cripples PS3 users

A recently released update to the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 was supposed to offer a more enjoyable gaming experience. Instead, what some players are experiencing is random system crashes and glitches that are forcing them to perform hard resets of their console. Developer DICE has faced previous problems

Meme Madness Is Down to the Final Four

If you’ve lost interest in March Madness — or you’re just ignoring your bracket due to numerous upsets — you can throw…

NVIDIA CEO suggests $199 Tegra 3 tablets in the summer

Always talkative NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is in the news yet again, this time telling the New York Times that his company’s Tegra 3 hardware is incorporating enough cost saving that it could be in $199 Android tablets by this summer. Beyond the tantalizing thought of value-priced tablets with the horsepower

Best Buy To Shut 50 Stores In Streamlining Effort

TechCrunch’s Best Buy tag isn’t exactly a heartening place to visit. In the last few months, it "stole Christmas," been "finished," and is now "going out of business." Dire straits indeed for a company that has defied the odds not only against big retail competition but against deadlier online opponents

‘Wonders of the Universe’ Lets You Explore Space On Your iPad

HarperCollins released a new iPad app Thursday that will set you off on a 3D exploration through space using high-resolution visuals specificall…

Hulu Plus Android tablet support confirmed, scattered

Hulu Plus is finally making its way to the world of Android tablets, but only a few are in the list of supported devices so far. Anyone who watched as the online streaming service was slowly and randomly rolled out to Android phones should know that it might take some time before massive tablet support

Patients Are More Than A Vessel For Billing Codes

It will be virtually impossible to succeed in the new reimbursement model without recognizing what has long been said, but little done about it — "the most important member of the care team is the patient."

Having implemented or reviewed over 100 health IT systems, there is one common purpose at the

Protesters: Village Voice, Stop Child Sex Ads on ‘Backpage’

Outside the Village Voice‘s New York headquarters Thursday, hundreds of protesters demanded the online publication end its adult section c…

SuperData study suggests mobile games will rake in $7.5 billion by 2015

That 99-cent Angry Birds download may not seem like much at first. But then you get hooked, you’re buying all the extra levels and themed seasonal editions, and then you start expanding your horizons. It’s no longer just a 99-cent game download; it’s a wall-busting obsession, and before