Google Maps goes 8-bit for April Fool’s

If you’ve ever wondered what your neighborhood would look like in an old-school Zelda-style RPG, your imagination is about to be realized with the latest update to Google Maps. Of course, technologically speaking, the update is more of a step backward. But for those who love all things old-school,

Hackathon Planning In Less Than 10 Steps

It’s been about a month since Photo Hack Day 2, and I’ve recovered sufficiently from my hackathon hangover – a very legitimate ailment, though less literal than a SXSW one – to put some coherent thoughts together. A number of people have reached out, asking for tips, thoughts, and advice on throwing

Engadget Mobile Podcast 132 – 03.31.2012

It was a relatively slow news week. So what? We’ll make those lemons into podcast lemonade any day, and you, friend, are invited to our lemonade stand. We take credit cards.Hosts: Myriam Joire (tnkgrl), Brad Molen, Joseph VolpeGuest: Andrew MunchbachProducer: Trent WolbeMusic: Tycho – Coastal Brake (Ghostly

BMW i8 Spyder revealed

BMW has just released concept pictures of its upcoming i8 spyder vehicle that is planned to be heading to a BMW dealer near you in 2014. The car will be shown to the public for the first time at the Beijing motor show, next month. The automaker first teased the model as an i8 coupe […]

Google: Japanese Court Didn’t Ban All Our Search Suggestions

Google is setting the record straight about a court’s demands that Google stop automatically completing its searches in Japan.
Google sea…

OMGPOP Draws Zynga’s Daily User Traffic Up By 25%

As the dust settles after Zynga’s purchase of New York mobile social game developer OMGPOP, the company is visibly taking on a new shape. A 25% larger and more mobile one. That’s the percentage growth of its total daily active user base, when you add in the 14.6 million people playing mobile sketching

Virgin announces Virgin Volcanic journey to center of Earth

Sir Richard Branson has explored the skies in a hot air balloon, delved into the deep sea, and even gone into space, but now his next project is to go to an entirely new desintation – the center of the Earth. Introducing Virgin Volcanic, a corkscrew-shaped vessel that will make its trips via five

NBA Brings Twitter Handles to T-Shirts in Pro Sports First

So you’re a big Kevin Durant fan. You watch his games, you wear his jersey — but do you have his Twitter-handle T-shirt?
In what&#8…

Tech Jobs And Airbnb Are Squeezing The SF Housing Market — Here’s What To Do

Have you been searching for a place to live in San Francisco lately? You’re not the only one thinking @$#%&! on a daily basis.

Forget the speculation about a tech bubble. This is a real estate bubble.

It’s a common scene on a weekend morning: A line of people waiting for an open house at an apartment

We’re Going To This Super Happy Block Party In Palo Alto, And You Should Too

Who throws a party in Palo Alto?!

Well actually … Today Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, Talent House, Super Happy Dev House and the City of Palo Alto itself have joined forces to give nerds a place to play on University Ave for 12 hours. So why should you stop coding and jump on Super Happy Block